The Process

You Hookem and We'll Bookem

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The 411 Continued

In the meantime, we pass your information on to the appropriate law enforcement agency, which takes action based on your information and reports back to us on whether it led to the solving or prevention of a crime.

When you call us back and give us your code number, we check with law enforcement to see whether your information was useful. If it was, you receive a cash reward.

To receive that reward, we instruct you to go to a designated bank at a specified location on a certain date to pick up your reward. Rewards are paid out in cash, no matter what the amount.

A reward will be paid once the investigating law enforcement agency supplies Crime Stoppers written verification that a tip helped lead to the arrest of a suspect. Rewards can be split on any given case depending on the information provided and law enforcement's disposition of all tips received. Rewards are paid out in cash using case specific Tip number maintaining the anonymity of the tipster.  A tipster is never identified through out our process.


Rewards and Anonymity

Supplemental Rewards
Crime Stoppers offers a standard reward of up to $1,000 on all felony crimes committed in our nine-parish area. Additional reward money is sometimes added to our Crime Stoppers reward by individuals. These are called Supplemental Rewards. When an individual decides to add to the Crime Stoppers reward, a Supplemental Reward contract is completed between Crime Stoppers and the individual. The additional money is set aside to be used for that specific crime. Crime Stoppers will promote the increased reward to the media to increase awareness of the crime.

The promise of anonymity for callers is Crimes Stoppers most powerful weapon in the fight against crime. We do not have caller ID. We do not use *67. We do not record phone calls. Not ever.


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